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  • Round Balusters

    Round Balusters

  • Round Bullet Nose Baluster — 2x2

    Round Bullet Nose Baluster — 2x2

  • Square Balusters

    Square Balusters

Outdoor Wood Stair Balusters

You may wonder what the difference is between spindles and balusters. Both are elements of deck and porch railings. A significant difference is that balusters rest on a footing, usually a stair, while spindles attach to a horizontal plank that runs between porch or deck posts.

Mr. Spindle makes wood stair balusters that support handrails along porch or deck stairs. Crafted in square or round designs in your choice of cedar or redwood, these wood stair balusters are an essential element of porch or deck stair design. Lengths from 24” to 36”, and in the bullet nose design, up to 42”, are available. Contact Mr. Spindle with any questions about our balusters and how they can enhance your outdoor stairs.

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